Data-Driven Results


Innovative Systems

We’ve built innovative systems that not only track SPC, KPI, continuous improvement, and DFM data in real time, but translate this data into real-time improvements.


The result – employees and customers can see and act on quality, cost, and delivery data at any time in our Customer Portal. Using systems to continuously monitor and analyze our manufacturing processes, Treske seamlessly translates customer requirements into effective and capable production strategies.

Statistical Process Control (SPC Tracker)

We built our Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tracker to create a controlled process that delivers high quality parts consistently.

  • In-Process Inspection Report (IPIR) collects quality data.
  • SPC Tracker analyzes this data and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • CPK values measure and ensure consistency in quality.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

We know that you want products that are consistent in quality and delivery. That’s why we’ve created systems to ensure quality, on-time delivery, and competitive costs.

  • Quality issues are tracked and assigned to an organized action team.
  • Root-cause analysis identifies, tracks, and resolves delivery issues.
  • Run time tracking maximizes labor hours/employee/part to ensure competitive costs.

Continuous Improvement Queue (CIPQ)

Our Continuous Improvement Queue (CIPQ) allows us to look at data on a global level, identify issues, and create organized action to find solutions.

  • Opportunities are entered into a queue, turned into actions, and assigned to employees to execute.
  • Improvements are reviewed and tracked to ensure their continued success.
  • The result – nothing slips through the cracks.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM Tracker)

At Treske, we are experts in machining feedback. We partner with our customers to find efficiencies in design and opportunities for savings.

  • Opportunities for efficiencies and savings are recorded and assigned to action teams.
  • Recommendations are tracked from input to execution.
  • Customers can see this process and make suggestions for improvement in our customer portal.