Precision Machining

Since our formation, Treske has been committed to innovation and excellence in precision machining. At the foundation of this pursuit is our culture of continuous improvement. Our team is engaged at every level of the organization to constantly look for new ways to improve processes, facilities, and systems that redefine precision machining. It is this team that continues to make Treske a company that is customer focused and quality driven.

Our Story

Treske is a family business founded by Gustav Treske in 1977.


Born in 1934, Gustav grew up in war-torn Soviet occupied Eastern Germany, where he began working as a machinist apprentice at the age of 15. Just four years later, Gus left home for a work opportunity in Western Germany – not knowing that Eastern Germany would soon be closed off to the world for the next 40 years.


Gus immigrated to the United States in 1959. Arriving with nothing and speaking little English, he was determined to be successful. He found work as a contract machinist for several years – including a position in the aerospace industry where he was involved in machining parts for the Apollo space program.


In 1973, Gus moved his family to Oregon and started Treske Precision Machining, Inc., as a small job shop in 1977. With four children and a wife to care for, times were often tough – but Gus pushed forward by constantly looking for ways to make parts faster and more effectively.

Treske Today


Theo Treske, joined the company in 1989. Together, father and son continued to build up the company and eventually extended Treske’s service offering – including fabrication and integration. Known for their superb quality and value, they grew the organization from a small job shop to a manufacturer capable of complex, high level assembly integration.


Today, Treske continues to improve and perfect its craft. The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small machine shop, but at its core, Treske Precision Machining will always be a family business.

Our Mission is Innovation

At Treske, we’re redefining precision machining. In everything we do – from customer service to the tools and technology we use – we continually seek to find a better, more efficient way of manufacturing. Our goal is to be the company that defines how precision parts are made and delivered.

Our Values


At Treske, our culture of continuous improvement empowers our employees to find solutions for our customers. Combining the best people with the best technology, we create systems that set a new standard for 24/7/365 machining.


Say “No!” to status quo. At Treske, there’s no such thing as “good enough” – each member of our team consistently looks for a better, faster, and more efficient way to deliver success.


Superior quality and on-time delivery are the baseline when clients partner with Treske. We exceed expectations through our one-of-a-kind manufacturing methods and supply chain systems.


We build relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers on a bedrock of trust and mutual prosperity. The result: a win-win approach that creates value for everyone.

Customer focused, quality driven.

  1. Understand our customer's requirements.
  2. Translate these customer requirements into an effective and capable production strategy.
  3. Manufacture products under controlled conditions with capable processes and competent personnel.
  4. Verify and validate that products will completely meet all customer requirements.
  5. Continuously monitor, analyze and improve all processes affecting the quality of our products and achievements of customer satisfaction.
  6. Actively support and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Corporate Responsibility


We are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity. We seek to innovate through right action, improve the lives of our employees, and further excellence for our customers.


At Treske, we recycle, reduce waste, and minimize pollution at all levels of our company and supply chain. We are committed to environmental responsibility and stewardship.


We meet all SEC conflict mineral regulations and conduct due diligence to ensure our company and supply chain are responsibly sourcing minerals.


Our team procures minerals, hardware, and other products directly from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and approved distributors to ensure that no counterfeit parts enter our supply chain.