Precision machining + precision planning.

Our state of the art equipment gives us the repeatability, consistency and quality customers have come to expect. We can handle the smallest parts with precision tolerances, from the laser manufacturing industry to large enclosures for the electronics industry. Whatever your part requirements are, we have the equipment.


But our capabilities don’t end there – what differentiates us from our competition is the upfront planning and engineering on every job. We optimize our tool paths, cutting operations and fixture orientation to ensure streamlined manufacturing. In addition to our upfront planning and support team, we have real time job costing that ensures continuous improvement throughout the life of the project.

28 Vertical Machining Centers

  • Ranging from: 12” x 12” x 10” (XYZ) to 32” x 84” x 32” (XYZ)


5 Makino A51 Horizontal machining cells

  • 22” Machine Cube
  • 66 400mm pallets
  • 320 tool magazine
  • 14,000 RPM

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10 Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Ranging from: 22” to 32” Cube (XYZ)
  • Single and Multi-Pallet

Spindle Speeds up to 40,000 RPM

  • 30 – 40 – 50 taper tooling

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CNC Turning

We have four bar-fed turning centers with sub spindle and live tooling capabilities. Our turning center offers us the ability to eliminate multiple machine set-ups and produce complex geometry parts in fewer machining operations. This greatly improves accuracy, increase throughput, drives down costs, and increases the overall value to our customers.

Jigborer Precision Milling

In addition to our high speed machining and cell manufacturing, we have five SIP Jigborers for extreme precision and accuracy. Our climate controlled room and precise machines can hold tolerances up to .00005.

Multi-Pallet Production

Our multi-pallet production systems allow us to run “lights out,” cutting half the labor hours per machine, keeping our costs competitive. In addition to reducing labor, multi-pallet production optimizes our cut time per shift, which increases throughput, shortens lead-times, and increases capacity.

High Speed Milling

With high speed milling on our equipment, we can increase efficiency, accuracy, and quality of the workpiece while reducing cycle times of conventional milling.


Our wire EDM machine enables us to cut intricate contours or cavities with high finish requirements in hardened material, whereas a custom machine tool may be too fragile.

Download PDF of full Equipment List