Treske and ElevationLab Partner for Production Manufacturing Success

 A Culture of Innovation

At Treske, we live for innovative ideas and technology. That’s why back in 2012, the ElevationDock caught our eye.

Portland-based industrial designer Casey Hopkins created an iPhone dock that landed in the Kickstarter market with a bang. The ElevationDock is CNC-machined from a solid piece of aluminum and designed for superior quality, function, and a no-expense-spared finish – and people loved it.

The record-breaking support and funding from the Kickstarter community meant that Casey had more than 20,000 orders to fill and just four months to do it. His original plan didn’t account for the manufacturing expertise and resources he would need to scale for this type of demand and bring his product to the global market.

Treske President Theo Treske read about Casey Hopkins’ Kickstarter success story in a local publication and, excited about his innovative offering and need to bring the project to market, decided to get in touch with him.

“Although our company has historically focused on the aerospace, defense, semiconductor and laser OEM industries, I was impressed by Casey’s creativity and the response to it,” Theo said. “I also realized that he might need some help making such a precise device in much larger volume than he’d expected, and knew that our automated machining cells would be the right equipment to rapidly scale his production.”

Scale Efficiently

Treske’s automated machining cells were the perfect tool to help Casey ramp up quickly and produce quality precision parts.

“Our focus is always to maximize efficiency – in both the manufacturing process and the technology we use,” Theo said. “The initial run of docks was 20,000 pieces, so developing a repeatable manufacturing process was key to meeting the demand and delivery requirements.”

Using our 66 pallet robotic milling cell, our engineers were able to fine-tune the fixture design and automate the machining processes to produce more than 800 intricately machined docks per day.

Respond Rapidly

When Apple debuted the iPhone 5 with the new Lightning connector in September of 2012, ElevationLab was under intense pressure from customers again.

Casey designed a mount that would swap the new cord into existing ElevationDocks. The Treske team understood the importance of getting this product to market in a timely fashion. Working together, they helped perfect the design, producing five different prototypes in just four days and bringing the product online within the week.

The demand was instantaneous. Within hours of posting the new iPhone 5 mount on ElevationLab’s website, they had orders for several thousand of them.

Made In America

With more than 30,000 ElevationDocks shipped all over the world, ElevationLab and Treske have no plans to slow down and are working on more products for the future.

“There is nothing more valuable than dependable partners when you are scaling this fast because there are so many other things to worry about,” said Casey. “We put a lot of trust in the people at Treske and they delivered.”

A startup idea supported by crowd-funding that relied on the nimbleness of advanced domestic manufacturing to deliver its products – this is a true success story of American manufacturing.

Visit the ElevationLab website to learn more about the ElevationDock.