Treske allows for low maintenance on my end, while still providing high quality product and exceptional customer service. — Nick Moriniti, Lumencor

Treske is easy and enjoyable to work with. They expedite the process and build systems to ensure just in time shipment. If we have a concern or a critical need, I can pick up the phone and connect with Theo and Laurie at any time. That personal customer service is not typical in the manufacturing industry! — Electro Scientific Industries (ESI)

Treske has found ways to reduce both production time and costs. We were able to set benchmarks and Treske helped us reach those benchmarks. — REDpoint

Good – no, EXCELLENT – Quality. Treske takes pride in what they do. — Electro Scientific Industries (ESI)

Treske’s process for developing our part was QA/QC’d all the way. Brian came to the Huntron office in Mill Creek, WA to ensure that the part would be perfect and to offer input on how to make the process better. The first article part created was almost close to perfect! In fact, the part and quality was so great that Treske is now Huntron’s primary supplier. — Laura Trenko, Huntron

One year into the partnership, the parts continue to be gorgeous, the quality continues to be excellent, and the customer service continues to be top notch. — Laura Trenko, Huntron

Treske is not to be missed. They have a high level of professionalism with no lack of friendly encounters. I have personally enjoyed working with the team – their interaction and desire to engage and communicate has been extremely helpful. — REDpoint

The kitting program has allowed us to spend less time on internal management of the ordering process. It couldn’t be easier or run any better. — Nick Moriniti, Lumencor