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Our Customer Insight Portal is designed to give you full access to real-time order tracking, quality control and in-process inspection data. This proprietary system allows us to close the geographical gap between you and our manufacturing floor. It doesn’t matter if we are 5 or 5,000 miles away – we bring real-time information to your desktop, laptop or tablet.

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Online Order Tracking

View the progress of your parts and projects during production/planning meetings for up to the minute delivery and quality information.

  • Confirm on-time delivery dates
  • Pull-in/push-out deliveries
  • Check inventory and place orders
  • Increase quantities

Real time SPC Quality Tracking

We keep a handle on process control. Real-time quality information keeps us hitting our production goals and keeping costs low.

  • Web based system monitored by Quality and Production, which analyzes real-time inspection data on actively running parts. It calculates the Cpk value of each feature and displays a list in ascending order, directing attention to features that need it most.
  • Our system automatically alerts operators when a parts Cpk value is below 1.33, or if there is a Nelson Rule violation. This ensures on the spot corrective action and eliminates waste from producing defective parts.
  • You can also graph measured dimensions and create XBar, R Chart, and Capability Histograms to track and analyze the data, allowing you to build supplier quality reports right off of our real time data output.


Since our software was developed entirely by Treske, we are able to set specific data requirements for any feature and inspection interval during production runs. You can monitor all of this information anytime, anywhere.

We also offer customizable multiple levels of access for purchasing, engineering, quality, and even general project management.

Take a tour of our insight portal and see what it can do for your supply chain management.

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