Our Mission is Innovation.

At Treske, we’re reinventing precision machining. In everything we do – from customer service to the tools and technologies we use – we continually seek to find a better, more efficient way of manufacturing. Our big dream is to be the company that defines how precision parts are made and delivered.

Our Values

Push It Forward.

Optimizing Machining Technology
We combine the best people with the best technology to create systems and solutions that set a new standard for 24/7/365 machining. From our proprietary, real-time quality tracking systems, to our web-based customer portal, Treske puts the power of information in the hands of our engineers, machinists, and customers.

Improve It.

Continuous Improvement
Say “No!” to status quo. At Treske, there’s no such thing as “good enough” – each member of our team consistently looks for a better, faster, and more efficient way to deliver success.

Go Further.

Real Time Order Tracking
Superior quality and on-time delivery are the baseline when clients partner with Treske. We exceed expectations through our one-of-a-kind manufacturing methods and supply chain systems.

Create Win-Wins.

Manufacturing Solutions
The foundation of any partnership is the success of both parties. Treske builds relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers on a bedrock of trust and mutual prosperity. Whether it’s through value engineering or streamlined logistics, Treske’s win-win approach means incredible savings in both time and money.


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