At Treske, we believe in pushing it forward. That means a strong commitment to the highest ethical standards – ensuring integrity, transparency and professionalism across all our manufacturing operations.

Ethics Policy

Maintaining our company’s integrity while conducting business is vital to our mission of Innovation. We believe that meaningful change can only occur when we adhere to our moral tenets in all that we do. Our Ethics Values statement below guides us in our daily actions.

Innovate through Right Action

Treske is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and we care about being good citizens. Conducting business with honesty and integrity helps us to push our partnerships forward, improve relationships, go further, and create win-wins with our employees, customers, and suppliers. We abide by the rules of our state and country, and we take responsibility for our actions as a company.

Improve Lives

The long-term success of Treske depends upon the commitment, expertise, and motivation of every employee. We appreciate and support diversity and solidarity in our team. Treske pledges to provide fair wages and a great place to work. Through improving the lives of our employees, we simultaneously improve connections with our partners, customers, and business relationships.

Further Excellence

We know that the quality of our work is integral to maintaining our customers’ trust. Treske strives to excel in every facet of our business, facing every challenge with an eye for success. We believe these actions benefit our company and those we serve.

Environmental Policy

Treske Precision Machining is aware of our impact on the environment around us. The activities of our company and our supply chain can have effects on the rivers, wildlife, forests, and people in our communities. To this end, we are committed to environmental responsibility and stewardship, and have made this part of our mission and core values.

These are our values in support of our environment:

  • We will work to meet or exceed applicable environmental regulations and prevent pollution.
  • We will be a good neighbor to our neighbors and member of our community as a whole.
  • We will promote recycling and continually work to minimize our operating waste.
  • We will extend this policy to our supply chain and will actively work with them to achieve our environmental goals.
  • We will set goals and objectives to be reached as we improve environmental awareness and responsibility.

Conflict Minerals Policy

In 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted regulations which require publicly-traded companies to report annually on the source and chain of custody of conflict minerals in manufactured products. These regulations are in alignment with the conflict minerals disclosure provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

  • Treske is committed to compliance with all conflict mineral regulations
  • We understand the importance of providing our publicly-traded customers with proper compliance documentation.
  • Whenever conflict minerals exist in a finished product, we work tirelessly to ensure compliance in our company and supply chain.
  • A Conflict Minerals Report can be provided upon request.

Counterfeit Parts Program

As a supplier to aerospace and high-tech customers, Treske understands the need to comply with customer and regulatory requirements. Our team procures materials, hardware, and other products in full compliance with these requirements. Treske does not use or purchase materials or hardware that has not been obtained directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or one of its approved distributors. Treske does not make any substitutions to materials or hardware without prior customer approval. This policy is extended to Treske’s supply chain through flow down of our Procurement Quality Clauses.

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