True efficiency.

At Treske, we truly have Cell Manufacturing with five Makino A51 Horizontal machining cells with 66 400mm pallets. Each cell is equipped with up to a 320 tool magazine with 30 HP, and 14,000 RPM spindles. This state of the art equipment, coupled with our proprietary data management software and skilled engineers, allows us to optimize machining efficiency on a cost, production and quality level that truly adds value to our customers.


New Technology

Unlike conventional Cell Machining, our unique proprietary data management software ties tool management, job queue, and quality control data together, making our cells effective in a high mix, high involvement, low volume environment, ideal for the aerospace, semiconductor and medical parts manufacturing industries. In addition, the automated nature of machining cells makes higher volume projects just as effective.


How can Treske help?


  • Automated streamlined production includes “Lights Out” Machining and reduction of set-up and lead time.
  • Set-up stays resident in the machine, eliminating repeat setups.
  • Multisided automated pallets allows for the nesting of associated parts, further eliminating set-up times and dramatically reducing cycle time.
  • High Speed Machining Capabilities increases daily throughput, which drives down costs.


  • Production delivery to fit your demand.
  • Set-up time elimination allows for smaller run quantities without increasing amortized costs, lowers your inventory, and makes slight design changes easier.
  • Unscheduled parts or lot increases can easily be adjusted to meet last minute demands.
  • Production scalability allows for economical large or short run productions.

Superior Quality

  • Repeatability of Precision Automation.
  • Set-ups done once and are never changed, eliminating the possibility of human error.
  • Integrated probing for inline inspection.
  • Glass Scales provide repeatable accuracy within .0002.
  • Temperature Controlled Coolant.
  • Tool Length Probe.
  • Part Inspection Probe.
  • Makino Precision and Rigidity.


How do I know if my parts are a good fit?


  • Maximum Travel of the machine is 22” x 22” x 22” (XYZ). Anything within these parameters can be machined, pending tooling restrictions.
  • Optimal Part Size: 16” x 16” x 6” or smaller.


  • Aluminum, Coppers, Brass, Stainless and Carbon Steels, Titanium, and Plastics.
  • Aluminum yields the most cost saving potential as it allows for full use of the machine’s high speed capabilities.


  • Parts that require multi-axis machining with multiple tooling requirements.

Close Tolerance Parts

  • Close tolerance parts yield greater cost saving potential.
  • Superior rigidity and repeatability of the machine makes close tolerance features faster and easier to manage.


  • Kitting is the ability to run multiple parts for one assembly, producing complete sets of parts for overall reduced net costs of product.
  • Kitting consolidates supply chain dealings to one vendor.

Overall Demand Requirements

  • Simple parts with high quantity yield their benefit from unattended operation.
  • Low volume, complex, and tight tolerance parts are Treske’s specialty.