Our wire EDM machine enables us to cut intricate contours or cavities with high finish requirements in hardened material, whereas a custom machine tool may be too fragile.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a multifaceted piece of equipment in our shop. It allows us to in-source more of our customers supply chains, as well as aid in the rapid cost-effective manufacturing of CNC fixtures, jigs, and mounts. At Treske, we have the ability to produce net-shaped parts with no heat-affected zone distortion or mechanical stresses, cut with a narrow kerf, and provide better usage of raw material as parts can be tightly nested.


  • 6 ft x 12 ft Cutting Envelope
  • 60,000 psi Articulating Cutting Head
  • Thickness varies depending on material

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Hardware Installation

We offer a wide range of installation, from custom hardware to threaded inserts, pem nut, bushings and more. Our installation department is always taking on new capabilities to accommodate our customers growing manufacturing needs and requirements.

Precision Lamination

Metal lamination is a great process for making vacuum fixturing for wafer board and chip installation in the hi-tech electronics and semiconductor industries. The lamination process can hold tight flatness and parallel call-outs across large platforms without machining heavy plate stock.